Conch Electric’s knowledge of the equipment on both sales level and service level is exceptional and exceeds our expectations. Equipment received and in service is well above our requirements both in reliability and service longevity. We needed equipment expedited due to process needs, and Conch Electric exceeded our expectations on delivery time.

Sherman D. - Equipment Consultant
Oil & Gas Industry



30 Nov

How do proximity sensor work

What is proximity sensor ? We can say that proximity sensor is a device which detects objects nearby without any physical contact up to nominal range or sensor’s vicinity. In brief we can also say that Sensors which convert information on the movement or presence of an object into an electrical signal are called proximity sensors. … Continue reading How do proximity sensor work ...

30 Nov

Types of proximity sensors

Types of proximity sensors Proximity sensors come in 6 different types and can be customized to a large extent: Ray-type: the ray-type proximity sensor is ideally suited for very simple modeling of a proximity sensor, or for modeling of a laser range finder. They are the fastest proximity sensors. Randomized ray-type: the randomized ray-type proximity … Continue reading Types of proximity sensors ...