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ABB Digital Positioners Series Electro-Pneumatic Positioner TZIDC-210

ABB Positioners TZIDC-210

ABB Digital Positioners Series Electro-Pneumatic Positioners TZIDC-210 features a small and compact design, a modular construction, and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Fully automatic determination of the control parameters and adaptation to the final control element yield considerable time savings and an optimal control behavior.

ABB (TZIDC-200) explosion-proof intelligent electrical valve positioner (TZIDC-200) series of products for the introduction of field actuators of digital communications, the whole plant integrated management through advanced tools. TZID / TZID-C break through the traditional concept of locator, using TEIP11 as the core components, combined with micro-processing technology, built-in communication function.

Through the installation, suitable for rotary and straight stroke control, high positioning accuracy, travel range: straight stroke: 20 ~ 150mm, rotation type: up to 125 degrees. Gas capacity ≥13.5kg / hour, gas consumption ≤ 0.03kg / hour, through the automatic zero / range adjustment, simplify debugging. Using sensor technology for temperature and position compensation, with anti-vibration ability up to 10g, 10 ~ 150Hz; temperature range -40 ~ +85 ° C excellent features. Through the HART or Profibus / FF communication interface, the establishment of real-time contact with the control room, can be parameter adjustment, status monitoring. Free configuration of the output characteristics, to improve the ball valve / disc valve output characteristics, can be used inexpensive ball valve / disc valve + intelligent valve positioner at the same time to achieve the characteristics of shut-off valve and control valve.

ABB Digital Positioners Series Electro-Pneumatic Positioner TZIDC-210

Standard performance, flameproof enclosure, with PROFIBUS PA communication

General specifications:

  • Worldwide approvals for Explosion Proof and Intrinsic Safety
  • FDT/DTM-technology serves for central configuration, documentation, diagnosis as well as Asset Management
  • Easiest commissioning and operation on site due to local operation and auto adjustment
  • Robust design and flexible in use with linear and rotary actuators