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Rosemount 8712H High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

Rosemount 8712H High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

Rosemount  High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

Magnetic Flowmeter Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters


  • Flanged style
  • 0.25% standard accuracy; 0.15% high accuracy option available
  • ½ to 36 inch size available
  • Pulsed DC coil drive power
  • Standard process design

Rosemount 8712H High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

Rosemount High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

The rosemount 8712 Remote Mount Transmitter brings diagnostics to any HART/ 4-20 mA system that can change how magmeters are installed, maintained, and verified.

In addition,the Rosemount 8712 also features an easy-to-use 2 line by 20 character operator interface, with quick access to all diagnostic information, and instant access to basic configuration setup through dedicated keys.

Functional specifications

  • Sensor compatibility
    Compatible with 8707 High-Signal sensor only.
  • Sensor coil resistance

12 maximum

  • Transmitter coil drive current
    5 A
  • Power supply

120 V AC, 50–60 Hz

Firstly, Rosemount 8700 series flanged flowtube sensors fabricate from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. Rosemount magmeter systems use pulsed DC technology that provides continuous automatic zeroing to compensate for variations in the process environment.

Therefore, process liquid must have a conductivity of 5 microsiemens/cm (5 micromhos/cm) or greater. Rosemount 8700 series flowtubes are interchangeable with both the 8712D and 8732 flow transmitters.

And system accuracy is maintained regardless of line size or optional features. So, each Rosemount 8705 flanged flowtube nameplate has a sixteen-digit calibration number that can be entered into a transmitter through the Local Operator interface or the HART Communicator – depending on model.

First, industry leading performance with standard reference accuracy of 0.25% of rate with an optional High Accuracy of 0.15% of rate.

Second,Rosemount 8712 HART Transmitter – available with Device Diagnostics including Smart Meter Verification to improve reliability and performance.

Then, quick setup with easy-to-use local operator interface Then, Rosemount 8712H/8707 High-Signal System – Pulsed DC solutions for the most demanding flow measurement applications.

Moreover, Rosemount 8705 Flanged sensor – Fully welded sensor for maximum protection.