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Original Rotork Motherboard IQ10 50480-01

Rotork motherboard

Original Rotork Motherboard IQ10 50480-01

Quick Details
D/C: original
Package: Sealed packaging
Model Number: 50480-01
Type: Logic ICs, Eletronic
Brand Name: Rotork
Place of Origin: London, United Kingdom
Product Name: Original Rotork Motherboard 50480-01 of IQ10
Quality: International Standard for Rotork Motherboard 50480-01
Price: Best price with Rotork Motherboard 50480-01 of IQ10
Accuracy: High Accuracy
Model: IQ10 50480-01
Standard Package: Sealed package

Rotork motherboard

Original Rotork Motherboard IQ10 50480-01

Introduction :

The new original UK ROTORK ROTORK IQT Smart Board 47099-04 The Rotork Smart Board IQ now offers a range of outstanding performance for valve actuators, including:

a. DC and single-phase power actuators

b. As a standard function built-in data logger

c. Compatible with IrOAT standard, through the mobile phone or PC on the actuator in situ and remote analysis

d. To provide users with a clearer, more, easier to use control and instructions

e .Simple torque and valve position control to improve reliability

f. Reasonable electronic craft – “System integrated chip” technology

g. Anti-corrosion function enhanced

h. Control and instructions to improve flexibility

i. Additional protection system New original British ROTORK Rotork IQT Smart Board 47099-04 Rotork Smart Board

Rotork motherboards Rotork motherboards Rotork electric actuators, Rotork rotork motherboards have single and double screens, with first generation, second generation and third generation, the same rotork ratio board also has the first generation chip for F102.

Second-generation chip for the F104, now the factory are the third generation, rotork power board has the size of the points, IQ10-IQ35 power board common, IQ40 above for the large power board! Procurement need to implement clear! There are IQM series power board and IQ series power board is not the same, the power board is integrated with the SCR or solid state relay!

Model :IQ / IQT /IA

47099-02 VC-04A-1.3
48083-02 VC-01B-1.3
45695-03 VC-02A-1.2
50480-02 VC-06A-1.0
VBC7-30-01 VC-07A
43970-02 VC-03A-1.2/1.1
43875-01 VC-05A-1.2

Product models are:
Multi-turn switch type: IQ10, IQ12, IQ18, IQ20, IQ25, IQ35, IQ40, IQ70, IQ90, IQ91, IQ95
Multi-modal regulation: IQM10, IQM12, IQM18, IQM20, IQM25, IQM35, IQM40, IQM70, IQM90, IQM91, IQM95