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Introduction of Sulfur-based Sulfuric Acid Process Flow

Solid sulfur is transported to quick sulfurmelting tank through belt conveyor and hoist, and then transported to crudesulfur tank. Some goes into refine sulfur tank and is transported to sulfurburning furnace through sulfur transferring pump for burning, and some goesinto horizontal liquid sulfur filter and then is processed in pre-coating tankafter filtering. The sulfur after burning generates high temperature gas (SO2,SO3), and then goes into gas filter through boiler heat exchange. At thebeginning of the operation, electric furnace needs to be started, and theconverters will carry out catalytic conversion after being heated by electricfurnace. The converter is divided into five sections, it goes into drying towerfor drying after sufficient heat exchange, and then goes through primaryabsorption tower, secondary absorption tower, 105 acid absorptiontower, goes through 98 acid, 105 acid cooler and then respectively goes into 98acid, 105 acid circulating tank to generate 98 acid and 105 acid, and then itis transported to finished tank area. There are drying tower circulation pump,secondary tower circulation pump, 105 acid circulation pump at dry absorptionsection, and exhaust fan carries out air exhaust for the entire section. Inaddition, there are air blower, circulating water station and other auxiliaryequipments.