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Water (water treatment) control scheme

Key control plan

This device has three major workingprograms: operation program, primary demineralization (short regeneration)system and secondary demineralization (long regeneration) system,all of which have their exclusive operation pictures with each operationpicture provided with “Auto/Manual selection switch”, “Start/Stop selectionswitch”, operation switch “Start from Step 1”, “Open/Close (Stop) operationswitch of single valve and pump” and “General reset switch of valve”, as wellas display lamp of Step No. and process state, display lamp of Open/Close(Stop) state of valve and pump, time set and display of delayer, textualdescription of step action, display of program operation/stop state and flickeringmark.

Only one of three major programs canoperate at the same time, that is to say, the rest two will be inactive if oneprogram is operating. The picture of active program will display “programoperating” in green and flickering “marking bar”, while the picture of inactiveprogram will display “program stop” in black and their “marking bar”is off.

Only by terminating the operatingprogram by pressing “Stop” button can other programs be activated. Otherprograms cannot be started if the operating program isn’t completely stopped.Press “General reset switch of valve” manually to close all valves beforestarting a program.

If any program is activated by pressing“Start” button after three major programs are terminated by pressing “Stop”button, it will pop up “program operating” in green and show flickering“marking bar”, while the picture of inactive programs will display “programstop” in black and their “marking bar” is off.

The program can be either startedthrough “Auto” method or “Manual” method by pressing “Auto/Manual” switch and“Start from Step 1” shall be selected at the beginning. Free switching between“Auto” and “Manual” is supported during program execution and the program willbe executed according to original steps after such switching.

Operation method of “Start from Step 1”switch: click “Start from Step 1” and it will be automatically closed in 5s;the option is closed in case of “grey box” and selected in case of “pink box”.

After “Auto” or “Manual” button ispressed, the lamps at right side of them will turn green; after “Start” and“Stop” button are pressed, the lamps at right side of them will turn green andred separately.

In the operation picture:

1. The left side is step No. mark: the “Step No. box” will turn red ifcurrent step is executed; otherwise, it will be grey;

2. Description of step action: the action of current step is described intext;

3. Step operation switch: used for Open/Close of single valve and Start/Stopof pump, the switch can be manually operated in sequence at manual position;

4. Delayer: the digit on the left side is set value of time, which can bemanually modified online; the digit on the right side is the past time in min;

5. State feedback lamp: green means “Open”, red means “Close or Stop” andyellow means on-going process or faulty state;

6. (i) is air off valve.

Description of operation points (steps):

1. Stop other programs before opening the operation picture of thisprogram;

2. Press “General reset switch of valve” to close all valves and stepsbefore program operation, then start program by pressing “Start” button;

3. Select “Manual” or “Auto” and then “Start from Step 1”;

4. The program will be automatically executed or be manually executed fromStep 1 through operation switch;

5. Free switching between “Auto” and “Manual” is supported during program executionand the program will be executed according to original steps after such switching.

6. Press “High interlocking of electrical conductance” during programexecution to stop program immediately;

7. The time (in min) of delayer can be modified online;

8. After the program comes to the last step, all step No. display markswill be reset (grey);

9. “Stop” button must be clicked after execution of this program iscompleted.

The program must be executed step-by-stepmanually or automatically from the beginning. Operate in switch “Valve and pumpstate” picture or “Flow chart picture” to Open/Close one valve or Start/Stopone pump by crossing or skipping steps and then the “General reset switch ofvalve” must be pressed before executing programs to avoid step error.