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Yokogawa EJX310A Absolute Pressure Transmitter

pressure transmitter

pressure transmitter Yokogawa EJX310A Absolute Pressure Transmitter

The EJX-A series is Yokogawa’s premium performance line of DPharp transmitters. Released in 2004, it offers the performance and stability needed in demanding applications. The EJX-A series performance makes it a thoroughbred of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters.

The EJX310A is the traditional-mount Absolute Pressure Transmitter in the series.

EJX310A features include:

  • 0.04% Accuracy
  • 0.2% per 10 years Stability
  • 90 ms Response Time
  • TUV IEC61508 SIL 2/3 Certification
  • LPS (Local Parameter Setting)

pressure transmitter

Yokogawa EJX310A Absolute Pressure Transmitter

The high performance absolute transmitter EJX310A features single crystal silicon resonant sensor.

The EJX310A outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure.

The multi-sensing technology provides the advanced diagnostic function to detect

FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA protocol types are also available.

All EJX series models in their standard confi guration

Mounting Position Effects
Tilting up to 90 degree will cause zero shift up to 0.5
kPa (2.0 inH2O), which can be corrected by the zero
Response Time (All capsules) “◊”
90 ms

When amplifier damping set to zero and including
dead time of 45 ms (nominal)
Minimum Pressure at Calibration*
L capsule: 130 Pa abs (1 mmHg abs)
M, A and B capsules: 2.7 kPa abs (20 mmHg abs)
* : If one or two of the calibration points are smaller
than the above value, the above pressure is used
for testing.

In case all of the calibration points are greater
than the limit, only the pressure of upper range
value (URV) is applied for testing.
Specifying option code /S1 with M or A capsule
will lower the limit to 130 Pa abs.
/S1 is recommended for M capsule when
the specified upper range value (URV) is not
exceeding 3.4 kPa abs.