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Yokogawa Digital Insulation Tester 3213A
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Brand Name: Yokogawa
  • Model Number: 3213A
  • Product Name: Yokogawa Digital Insulation Tester 3213A
  • Safety: good
  • Quality: International Standard for Yokogawa Digital Insulation Tester 3213A
  • Accuracy: High Accuracy
  • Model: 3213A



  • Analog models with single rating
  • AC voltage measurement and check live lines such as motive power lines
  • One-touch operation Press-and-lock switch for continuous measurement
  • A wide choice of accessories to meet various testing requirements
  • Vibration – and shock-resistant hand-held compact testers
  • Approx weight including batteries, or Approx. weigh including hard case, handle, test leads and batteries

Specifications – Model 321343

Rating 500V/100MΩ
Effective Measuring Range 0.1–100MΩ
Central Scale Value 2MΩ
AC Voltage Measurement 0 to 300 V
Lower Limit 0.5MΩ
Rated Current 1 mA
Scale Length 88 mm
Approx. Width 110 mm
Approx. Height 180 mm
Approx. Depth 60 mm
Approx. Weight 700 g
1.2 kg
Batteries Eight AA (R6P) batteries
Standard Accessories Batteries Qty – 8
Handle (B9303XE) Qty – 1
Hard case (B9600HA) Qty – 1 (with leads-housing case)
Test lead (B9205VA) Qty – 1 (consist of earth/line terminal)
User’s manual Qty – 1


Standard Test Conditions – Model 312343

Ambient Temperature/Humidity Ranges 23 ±5 /45-75% RH
Position of Use Horizontal (5° max. of angle of inclination)
Battery Voltage Within effective voltage range (The pointer must stay within the range indicated by the BAT symbol when the battery check is performed.)
Tolerance Mentioned Conditions Resistance measurement: First effective measuring range = ±5% of reading
Second effective measuring range = ±10% of reading
Infinite and zero scale values: 0.7% max. of scale length
AC voltage: ±10% of maximum scale value
No-load voltage: 130% max. of rated voltage
Rated measuring current: 1 mA (0 to 20%) when in first effective measuring range
Short-circuit current: 12 mA max.