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Yokogawa PH450G pH and Redox (ORP) Converter

Yokogawa PH450G pH and Redox (ORP) Converter

  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Brand Name: Yokogawa
  • Model Number: PH 450G
  • Product Name: Yokogawa PH450G pH and Redox (ORP) Converter
  • Safety: good
  • Quality: International Standard for Yokogawa PH450G conductivity Resistivity Converter
  • Accuracy: High Accuracy
  • Model: PH 450G

Yokogawa PH450G pH and Redox (ORP) Converter

The EXAxt 450 series is designed to combine the superior functionality of the Yokogawa EXA series with the ease of use offered in pocket computers



• IP66/NEMA 4X 1/2DIN enclosure for Field mounting
and Panel mounting.
• Unique HMI with menu structure and high resolution
graphical display with touch screen
• Interactive display with choice out of 8 languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish,
Portuguese and Japanese.
• Trending display for up to 2 weeks.
• On-screen logbooks store calibration data, configuration
changes and events
• Advanced Process Temperature Compensation
• Cell fouling monitoring

Input ranges
Conductivity : 0.000 μS/cm – 2000 mS/cm
Minimum : 1 μS/cm (underrange 0.00 μS x C)
Maximum : 200 mS/cm (overrange 2000 mS x C)
Resistivity : 0.0 Ω x cm – 1000 MΩ x cm
Minimum : 5 Ω/cm (underrange 0.0 Ω/C)
Maximum : 1 MΩ/cm (overrange 1000 MΩ/C)
Note : “C” means cell constant.
Temperature : Pt1000 -20 to 250ºC (0-500ºF)
: Pt100 -20 to 200ºC (0-400ºF)
: Ni100 -20 to 200ºC (0-400ºF)
: NTC 8k55 -10 to 120ºC (10-250ºF)
: Pb36(JIS NTC 6k) -20 to 120ºC (0- 250ºF)