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YTC Smart Positioner YT-3303 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-3303 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-3303 SeriesSmart Valve Positioner accurately controls valve stroke, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from controller.

  • Auto calibration
  • Auto/Manual switch
  • HART comunication
  • LCD display
  • PID control
  • 4 buttons for local control
  • Feedback signal
 YTC Smart Positioner YT-3303 Series
Item.Type YT-3303
Input Signal 4-20mA DC
Supply Pressure 0.14-0.7MPa(1.4-7bar)
Stroke Linear Type 10-150mm
Rotary Type 0-90°
Impedance Max.500Ω@20mA DC
Air Connection PT(NPT)1/4
Gauge Connection PT(NPT)1/8
Conduit PF1/2(G1/2)
Ambient Temp Standard Type (-30℃~85℃)/(-22~185°F)
Low Temp Type (-40℃~85℃)/(-40~185°F)
Explosion Temp (-40℃~60℃ T5)/(-40℃~40℃ T6)
LCD Operaling Temp (-30℃~85℃)/(-22~185°F)
Linearity ±0.5% F.S
Hysteresis ±0.5% F.S
Sensitivity ±0.2% F.S
Repeatability ±0.3% F.S
Air Consumption Below 2LPM(sup=0.14MPa)
Flow Capacity 70LPM(sup=0.14MPa)
Output Characteristics Linear,EQ%,Quick Open user set(16 Point)
Material Aluminum Diecasting
Enclosure IP66
Explosion Proof Type Exia IIC T5/T6
Weight 2kg(4.4Ib)


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