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Allen-Bradley 1771-P4SK Redundant Power Supply Module

Allen-Bradley 1771-P4SK

Allen-Bradley 1771-P4SK Power Supply Module

1771 Chassis Assembly PLC Specifications

1. signal interfaces to ac and dc sensors and actuators.
2. I/O densities with as many as 32 I/O points per module.
3. signal levels, including standard analog inputs and outputs and direct
4. thermocouple and RTD temperature inputs.

1771 I/O to be controlled by a processor other than one in the same chassis with the I/O modules, an I/O adapter module must be placed in left-most slot of the chassis containing the I/O modules.

Allen Bradley PLC

1771-CCS4 1771-DXPS 1771-PCB 1771-DBMEM1 1771-DBMEM2
1771-SN 1771-ALX 1771-ALXK 1771-ASB 1771-ASBK
1771-A3B1K 1771-A3BK 1771-A4B 1771-A4BK 1771-AM1
1771-IAD 1771-IADK 1771-IAN 1771-IB 1771-IBD
1771-ID01 1771-ID16 1771-ID16K 1771-IDK 1771-IG
1771-IND 1771-INGA50 1771-IQ 1771-IQ16 1771-IQ16K
1771-OAD 1771-OADK 1771-OAN 1771-OB 1771-OBD
1771-OC 1771-OD 1771-OD16 1771-OD16K 1771-ODD
1771-OM 1771-OMD 1771-ON 1771-OND 1771-OP
1771-OW 1771-OW16 1771-OW16K 1771-OWK 1771-OWN
1771-OZLK 1771-SIM 1771-IFE 1771-IFEK 1771-IFF
1771-IXE 1771-IXEK 1771-IXHR 1771-NB4S 1771-NB4T
1771-NC15 1771-NC6 1771-NIS 1771-NIV 1771-NIV1
1771-NT1 1771-NT2 1771-OFE1 1771-OFE1K 1771-OFE2
1771-CFM 1771-CFMK 1771-DE 1771-DL 1771-DR
1771-LC5B 1771-LI 1771-LIA 1771-LIA2 1771-M1
1771-SPI 1771-TCM 1771-TCMR 1771-VHSC 1771-VHSCK
1771-WA 1771-WB 1771-WC 1771-WD 1771-WE
1771-WI 1771-WN 1771-AF 1771-AF1 1771-CPR
1771-DRS1 1771-DRS4 1771-SDN 1771-A3B1 1771-DRS
1771-A1BK 1771-A2B 1771-A2BK 1771-A3B 1771-A1B
1771-RK 1771-DS 1771-DW 1771-IA 1771-AM2
1771-IBN 1771-IBNK 1771-IC 1771-ICD 1771-IBDK
1771-IH 1771-IM 1771-IMD 1771-IN 1771-IGD
1771-IT 1771-IV 1771-IVN 1771-OA 1771-IS
1771-OBDS 1771-OBDSK 1771-OBN 1771-OBNK 1771-OBDK
1771-ODK 1771-ODZ 1771-OG 1771-OGD 1771-ODDK
1771-OQ16 1771-OQ16K 1771-OR 1771-OVN 1771-OQ
1771-OX 1771-OXK 1771-OYL 1771-OZL 1771-OWNA
1771-IL 1771-ILK 1771-IR 1771-IRK 1771-IFMS
1771-NBSC 1771-NBTC 1771-NBV1 1771-NBVC 1771-NBRC
1771-NIVT 1771-NOC 1771-NOV 1771-NR 1771-NIVR
1771-OFE3 1771-QD 1771-QDC 1771-QI 1771-OFE2K
1771-IJ 1771-IK 1771-LC3B 1771-LC4B 1771-ES
1771-OJ 1771-PM 1771-QA 1771-QB 1771-M3
1771-RT44 1771-RTP1 1771-RTP3 1771-RTP4 1771-RT41
1771-WG 1771-WH 1771-WHF 1771-WHFB 1771-WF
1771-ID 1771-PT4