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Honeywell Analog input modules backplane CC-TAIX01

Honeywell modules

Honeywell modules CC-TAIX01 PWA, AI IOTA 16 6IN CE CC

Model Processing customized Scope

Accuracy class

CC-TAIX01 Yes C300 1
Power Input Output  
60W 32 32  

Professional to provide a Honeywell DCS card, integrity services, absolute guarantee is part of the original Honeywell new card, the scope of services involved S9000, plantscape, TDC2000 TDC3000 (US operation station), TPS (Gus operation station), PKS and Honeywell DCS distributed control system

Honeywell Analog input modules backplane CC-TAIX01

  • MC-PDIX02 DI IOP, COATED, PWA EA 51304485-150
  • MC-PDIY22 DI IOP COATED EA 80363972-150
  • MC-PDOX02 DO IOP, COATED, PWA EA 51304487-150
  • MC-PDOY22 DO IOP, COATED, PWA EA 80363975-150
  • MC-PLAM02 IOP, LLAI CC EA 51304362-150
  • MC-PPIX02 IOP,PULSE INP CC EA 51304386-150
  • MC-PSDX02 IOP, SER DEV CC EA 51304362-250
  • MC-PSIM11 IOP, SER I/F CC EA 51304362-350
  • MC-PSRB04 P/S RED 10A W/BBU & MNTG EA 51404174-375
  • MC-PSRX04 P/S 20A RED W/MNTG EA 51404174-275
  • MC-PSSX04 P/S SGL 20A W/MNTG EA 51404174-175
  • MC-PSTX02 MV STI PWA EA 51304516-150
  • MC-PSTX03 MV STI PWA EA 51304516-250
  • MC-TAIH02 FTA,HLAI-ST CC EA 51304453-150
  • MC-TAIH03 FTA, 6IN HLAI, CE, CC EA 51309136-175
  • MC-TAIH12 FTA,HLAI RED CC EA 51304337-150
  • MC-TAIH13 FTA, 12IN HLAI COMP, CE, CC EA 51309138-175
  • MC-TAIH22 HD FTA, HLAI/STI COMP, CC EA 51204170-250
  • MC-TAIH23 HD FTA, HLAI/STI COMP, CE, CC EA 51204170-275
  • MC-TAIH52 FTA, HLAI-ST CC EA 51304337-250
  • MC-TAIH53 FTA, 12IN HLAI SCREW, CE, CC EA 51309138-275
  • MC-TAIH62 HD FTA, HLAI/STI SCREW, CC EA 51204168-150
  • MC-TAIL02 FTA, LLAI CC EA 51304437-150
  • MC-TAIL03 FTA MOTHERBOARD, LLAI-8 CE, CC EA 51309202-175
  • MC-TAMR02 FTA, LLMUX RTD, EC, CC EA 51309218-175
  • MC-TAMR03 FTA, LLMUX RTD, EC, CC EA 51309218-175
  • MC-TAMT02 FTA, LLMUX TC, EC, CC EA 51309223-175
  • MC-TAMT03 FTA, LLMUX TC, EC CC EA 51309223-175

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