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Honeywell STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

Part of the SmartLine® family of products, the SmartLine
STT850 is a high-performance temperature transmitter
offering high accuracy and stability over a wide range of
process and ambient temperatures. The SmartLine family
is also fully tested and compliant with Experion ® PKS
providing the highest level of compatibility assurance and
integration capabilities. SmartLine easily meets the most
demanding needs for temperature measurement

The SmartLine Temperature Transmitter is designed and
manufactured to deliver very high performance across
varying ambient temperature. The total accuracy of the
transmitter including the ambient temperature effect in
harsh industrial environments, allows the STT850 to replace
virtually any competitive transmitter available today.

Unique Indication/Display Options
The STT850 modular design accommodates a basic
alphanumeric LCD display or a unique advanced graphics
LCD display with many unparalleled features

Industry leading performance
o Digital Accuracy up to +/- 0.10 Deg C for RTD
o Stability up to +/- 0.01% of URL per year for ten
o 125 mSec update time for single input models
o 250 mSec update time for dual input models

An optional Digital Output (open collector type) is available
on HART transmitters which can be used to activate
external equipment when preset Alarm Setpoints are
reached. The Digital Output can be set to monitor two
independent setpoints based upon the analog value of the
PV or upon device status.
The following Alarm Types are available:
· PV High
· PV Low
· Critical Diagnostic Active
· Redundant Input Active**
· PV Rate of Change Alarm *
· PV Deviation Alarm *