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Flow chart of sewage treatment plant

Generally include the following three treatment of sewage treatment: a handle is it through mechanical processing, such as grid, sedimentation or flotation, remove the contained in sewage stones, gravel and fat, iron ions, manganese ions, oil etc.. Two stage treatment is the biological treatment, the pollutants in sewage is degraded and transformed into sludge under the action of microorganisms. Three stage treatment is the depth of sewage treatment, which comprises a nutrient removal and by chlorination and UV radiation or ozone technology on sewage disinfection. May according to the target and water treatment is different, some sewage treatment process does not contain all of the above process.


One sewage treatment plant in Jinan, forexample, which is contracted by Far East Instrument Co., Ltd., has aconstruction scale of 100,000 m3/day and is provided with A2Oprocess. Its computer control system is composed of centralized control room(CCR) and four remote control stations.

System implementation plan

The automatic control system of wholeplant is composed of computer control management system and instrumentdetection system, in which the former follows “centralized management,decentralized control and resource sharing” principle, while the latter follows“necessary process, advanced and practical, easy maintenance” principle.

The automation system of whole plantincludes three control methods, namely centralized control (remote), automaticcontrol and local control, all of which are realized by CCR, on-site controlroom and on-site control box separately; the CCR, which is set in complexbuilding, is composed of two monitoring computers, one server and one set ofwhole-plant television monitoring system; the on-site control room is providedwith PLC and touch screen terminal (which can be directly operated); byconnecting with PLC controls system of on-site control room, the CCR canmonitor and operate the same or different pictures through computers inmonitoring center in order to realize real-time display and remote control ofwhole plant.