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Monitoring and management system in the tank fields and gasoline stations

I. The system shall be equipped with followingfunctions:

1. Real-time monitoring of such parameters inthe oil tank as liquid level, quality, pressure, density, flow rate,temperature, net oil volume and marketing data of tanker.

2. Sound and light alarm to tank and pipelineleakage, oil level overrun, water level overrun and flammable gas exceeding thestandard.

3. The density and volume can be compensated tostandard state, and thus to facilitate temperature compensation andrectification of tank volume.

4. Integration of various control functions,such as pump, valve control and alarming system.

5. It is equipped with open interface, whichcan be connected to current and latest interfaces of measurement system invarious tank fields. The system can be added through standard networktechnology.

6. The historical data query of oil tank inventoryis queried with change curve. Various statistics and calculation is completedwith historical data, such as historical inventory and input and output oilvolume.

7. It is available to the purchase management,inventory management, marketing management and customer management.

8. The network technology is used for remoteaccess with login permission management of data access to safety andreliability of system information.

9. Change of video interface

10. Infrared perimeter anti-leaping to achieve soundand light alarm and video linkage

11. Electric patrol

III. Inspection and measurement method of oil

1. Level measurement method (ATG method):

The level inspection is conducted withhigh-performance level gauge. The level gauge generally used in storage tankmeasuring is radar level gauge, servo level gauge and magnetostrictive level gauge.

2. Static pressure measurement method (HTG method):

The liquid level and quality is inspected withstatic pressure measuring method at the bottom of the tank by adoption of intelligentpressure transmitter with high precision to measure the oil medium. The basicmeasuring parameter is quality rather than liquid level. The measurement forthis system is based on the static pressure of liquid inside the tank, which isconnected with the effective cross section and has nothing to do with thedensity and temperature in the tank.

3. Mixed measurement method (HTMS method)

The adoption of high-performance level gaugeand intelligent pressure transmitter with high precision combines theadvantages of above two methods, which are available to measure the quality,density, water level, liquid level and oil temperature. The mixed measurementmethod is divided into radar level gauge mixed method, servo level gauge mixedmethod and magnetostrictive level gauge mixed method.