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Yokogawa AXF080 AXF Magnetic Flowmeter

AXF Magnetic Flowmeter

Yokogawa AXF080 AXF Magnetic Flowmeter

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Yokogawa
Model Number:  AXF080
price: Yokogawa AXF080 AXF Magnetic Flowmeter with best price
quality: Original
guarantee: 1 year
Accuracy : ±0.05%
output : 4 to 20mA DC

Magnetic Flow meter

Yokogawa AXF080 Magnetic/ Integral /Remote Flowmeter

The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation. Moreover, the Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation has been newly added to tackle more severe applications.

The AXF has user-friendly functions; such as an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, infra-red switches which can be used for setting parameters without opening the case cover, ability to change the direction of electrical connection on the site.

Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus models offer more flexible instrumentation through a higher level communication capability and propose the cost reduction by multi-drop wirings with less cables. FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is a registered trademark of Fieldbus FOUNDATION.

Note: The “Dual Frequency Excitation Method” is a Yokogawa innovation.

Expansion of Product Lineup

Improved Accuracy Specification
The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading. Also available as an option is high accuracy calibration rated at 0.2% of reading.

Extra Small Size Flange Type
Flange types are now available in sizes as small as 2.5 mm.

Variety of Sanitary Connections
A wider variety of sanitary connections are now available, including Tri-Clamp, ISO, DIN and SMS.


Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation
The enhanced dual frequency excitation method is available as an option. This provides highly stable measurements involving high concentration slurries or low conductivity fluids.

Lower Minimum Conductivity
The newly designed AXF converter permits the measurement of fluids with conductivity as low as 1μS/cm depending on the nominal pipe size and fluid condition.

High-Speed Pulse Output
The maximum rate for high speed applications such as short-duration batch processes is now 10,000 pps (pulses per second).

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